About Us

Elena, co-founder of Safe Meal, is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and some fruits. Her allergies started when she was fifteen and they have evolved since then, forcing her guard every time she explores any culinary experience this world has to offer. Together with Thomas, also co-founder of Safe Meal, they have been working on this platform since 2020, and want to help people discover the safest restaurants for their allergies by letting users write reviews in 32 countries.

Food allergies affect approximately 2.5% of the world population and numbers are on the rise. On top of this, 1% of individuals worldwide suffer from celiac disease and it is actually estimated that only 20-30% of the cases have been diagnosed. Dietary restrictions are becoming the “new normal”, but not all restaurants or countries are ready to accommodate to this significant part of the population.


To contribute to a safe world for people with severe food allergies and other dietary restrictions.


Our goal is to empower people with special dietary requirements to stay safe when eating out and/or travelling. We want to make your life easier by enabling you to find and review restaurants anywhere in the world according to your allergies.