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Restaurat review: The Duke of Hamilton 

On the first weekend of the end of the December lockdown, we decided to spend the day out in Hampstead Heath. With a sunny (but cold!) weather, we walked around this picturesque neighbourhood and its beautiful park, Hampstead Heath, which offers amazing views of the city on a clear sky. 

On the night before, while I was trying to look for a nice restaurant pub to have lunch at, I could see how most places were already fully booked. Luckily, I managed to find a spot at 12 at The Duke of Hamilton, which according to some reviews, it is one of the best pubs of the area. While making the booking online, I left a note about my tree nut and peanut allergy to ensure the restaurant was prepared to receive someone with dietary restrictions. 

When we got to the pub, the staff recognised I was the customer with allergies. I ordered a salad with black pudding, bacon and a poached egg on top (pic below) that was so delicious! As a main, I got some gnocchi with truffle, which was also amazing.


The kitchen of this pub was using nuts for some dishes but they assured my choices would be safe - no one told me there was a risk of cross-contamination, etc. which makes you feel like you have chosen a good place to eat at. Just a funny comment: when I got the salad, I thought that what was inside the black pudding looked like nuts so I called the waiter to double-check with him. As it happens most of the time, my dish was completely safe: black pudding is actually made from pork / beef and a cereal. But a few years ago, I would have probably not say anything and eat the food in anxiety. Now, even if I probably mention my allergies many times before getting my food, I do not stop myself from asking again if I feel any sort of anxiety.

Some tips emerging from this visit:

  • If you book a table at off-peak times, you will get a better servie and they will probably be more attentive with your allergies.
  • Also, if you book at an early time e.g. 12 for lunch, 6.30 for dinner, there is always less risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen as no cooking has been done yet.
  • Always ask, double-check, and don't be scared to ask many times even if they have already assured that your food is safe. There is nothing worst that eating a food while being anxious and thinking you'll get an allergic reaction!
  • Try to book in advance and leave a note in the booking to ensure the restaurant knows about your dietary restrictions and they can be prepared for you.

Let me know if you visit this place :)

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