Frederick's - London (UK)

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Frederick's is located in Angel, London, andoffers modern European cuisine. 

From the moment I got to the restaurant and explained I had allergies (I had also highlighted this in the booking), the staff was super attentive and reassuring with my dietary restrictions. 
They told me they’d make sure all my dishes would be peanut and nut free - I only tend to say I am allergic to peanuts and nuts as my food can be in contact with the fruits / veggie I am allergic to.They even served me a separate bread to ensure there was no cross-contamination (usually, I get no bread!)

I never got to see an allergen menu though, so I cannot comment on other allergens.

What did I eat?

- Starter: Beef carpaccio, rocket, red onion, parmesan

- Main: Roast fillet of hake, grilled courgette & butternut squash, salsa verde

I also wanted to share the Italian arancini (typical Sicilian street food, a fried rice ball, this time with mushrooms in it), but unfortunately it could contain nuts. I went to Sicily a few years ago and discovered this dish and it is one of my faves!

Frederick's was an allergy safe experience with delicious food and pleasant atmosphere

European food nut allergy nut free allergy friendly restaurant


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