The Witchez - Brighton (UK)

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The Witchez, located in Brighton, UK, is a concept restaurant serving homemade food. Owned by web and graphic designers who decided to make their office a cafe, this magical corner offers delicious food, design and photography. 


Approach to food allergies

We had already made a reservation for this restaurant so the staff was aware of my allergy requirements. Also, their online (and physical) menu states that “If you are allergic to nuts or any other foods, please talk to one of Thewitchez”, which is a message that I always like to read when eating out as it always makes me feel a little bit safer. It seems like an obvious message but not all restaurants add it to their menus.

The owners were extremely welcome and reassuring with my allergies. The atmosphere was cosy and the food was simply delicious. It took me a while to decide what to eat (they offer dishes from all around the world!) but I finally made my mind after minutes of indecision.


What did I eat?

  • Sea Wolf – Pieces of marinated herring with caviar, mandarines, cranberries, complemented by Swedish crispy bread, green peas salad and a Mad Dog shot of vodka 
  • Rösti – a traditional Swiss dish – pan-fried shredded potatoes with cheese and fried egg

Please note this is an adult only place (minimum age is 15 years old)


Let me know if you eat at The Witchez - would love to hear about your experience!

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